This inspiring song is a true reflection of life in a congested commercial urban city setting in contrast to the Rootical Livity experience, in small pockets across the globe. In Jamaica or wherever that original way of life is embraced, nature awaits with an open invitation for humanity to reconnect. A close connection with nature is important for a balanced way to maintain self reliance in today’s world, it is just as relevant today as ever before. The audio and visual was brought to reality by some of the most renown and talented musicians, engineers and film directors in Jamaica.  The PathHeights was supported on this project by INFINITE-multi-talented Musician, Exile Di Brave of E.D.B Entertainment and el-Puru of 3NITY & INI PRODUCTION for the Video. Percussion Stephen Forbes / Shaquille Youngblood, just to name a few . . .

"The moment we realise that a system which has been designed and programmed to manipulate, control and corrupt the thinking of the collective mind, can only exist when we consciously or involuntarily give up our right to be free movers free thinkers and shapers of our own reality. The right to be in line with the original intent of INI creator is be be exercise and upheld with the highest esteem and awareness of INI self.
 So its up to INI to release that inner lion, lioness power and step out of the grips of the system we call Babylon"..
Stay in Tune.