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The band stared their movement in Jamaica summer 2012, the fusion of Roots Soul Reggae with poetry synchronized into this universal composition. The multi talented duo now present their first EP, a nine (9) track compilation. This project was blessed with original Jamaican Nyahbingi vibration to the melodies and colouring by musician from Germany to Japan.

Unconventional Natural Healing sounds are few words used to descried the sounds of the duo. They have caught the air of their audience with timeless harmonies with songs like “Without Love” “Haven't You Heard” and “We a Chant” just to mention a few. Wait no more because the full EP will be available for digital downloads on the 1st of August, hard copy Vinyl and CD will be available at a later date soon to be announce @ thepathheights.com

The PathHeights will showcase the full selection on the EP with a live concert in Berlin on 11th of August 2017. Venue is Prachtwerk in Berlin.