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The Holistic Triad Of Roots Soul Reggae

Income The Holistic Triad Of Roots Soul Reggae.

Introducing: The PathHeights “Listen to that sound and allow yourself to be lifted.”, says Aumuna about the music of the group ThePathHeights. Akosua Aset is not only the other half of the band, but also Aumuna’s wife and Mother of the young PathHeights. It is thus a unique constellation filled with that etheric energy that The PathHeights present to the world – God and Goddess, King Alpha and Queen Omega, Yin and Yang, Mars and Venus, an impressive infinite combination of love and talent that awaits to be discovered. After honing their skills and performing on small stages both in their provenience Jamaica and around their home away from home Hamburg,The PathHeights now boldly take the step into the limelight: “Without Love” is the title of their first single, released alongside a stunning video recorded in Jamaica. The song has an inspirational theme, one that ripples a flow of thought through all consciousness, reflecting the relation's of the today's urban life style to natural nature livity. “Are you safe with your millions in the bank like the ones who got love and sharing it always”. It is an outtake of the duo’s upcoming debut EP, bound for release in early 2017. Combining Roots Reggae, Alternative with Poetry, the inherent acoustic vibe of their music will heal heart, mind and soul, so often plagued by the stress, hectic and anxiousness of our times. The PathHeights 'over'stand themselves as music yogi, offering a path to escape negative thinking and questioning false realities. The lyrical content of their songs is inspirational and spiritual with unmixed messages, while being hard hitting and real. Together they organically resent a world sound, captivating audiences with melodies and harmonious vocals combined with the rootical vibration of 100% live instruments. Enriched with experiences working with artists, studio engineers and promoters from various genres and cultural influences, The PathHeights now confidently stand in a place where their next step forward will be to share the holistic vibe in their music and lifestyle with a wider audience. Don’t hesitate to be one of the first to experience this novel concept of natural sound healing energy!